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AirBNB is a fast-growing online marketplace specialised in the travel accommodation niche. It helps travellers rent homes for set periods or book rooms in rental spaces. The firm has a review system that allows both the host and the guest to see what the other is like and whether they have had any recommendations from previous Airbnb users. Listing more than 600,000 accommodations, ranging from bungalows, hotels and cabins, it is one of the most popular online platforms. When customers want to contact the customer service representatives for various concerns, the numbers they use are, 0203 318 1111. Note that it is not easy to contact Airbnb, so you have to log in to see the number displayed on their website.

Use our call connection number to be patched through to the AirBNB contact number, and speak to a member of their UK customer service team now.

Calls cost £0.07 per minute, plus your phone company’s access charge. Check with your provider because access charges vary from company to company, and calls from mobiles may cost considerably more. We provide a call connection service, more details available on Ofcom's website.

If you would prefer to call AirBNB directly, here are some of the departments you may wish to contact.

AirBNB customer service020 3318 1111
AirBNB complaints020 3318 1111
AirBNB reviews020 3318 1111
AirBNB emergency numberClick Here
AirBNB London020 3318 1111
AirBNB accounts020 3318 1111
AirBNB technical support020 3318 1111
AirBNB cancellations020 3318 1111
AirBNB Head Office020 3318 1111
AirBNB corporate020 3318 1111

Common AirBNB Complaints

While the site continues to rise in popularity, it does not come without issues as it is flooded with different types of hosts and travellers. For instance, you may get to an accommodation and realise it is different from what was described in the listing. You could also have issues with the payment system of the host or feel you have not been treated fairly. In such cases, clients have looked for solutions from the site by using the AirBNB contact number or sending an email. Similarly, if your host has rejected your booking in the last minute without giving you enough time to look for an alternative, the AirBNB complaints line is open for such issues. Hosts also experience problems related to guests breaking cancellation policy rules. In such cases, the solution is to contact the complaints line to find out what your rights are.

The Complaints procedure

If you are a guest and are experiencing issues with your booking, the first step is to try contacting your host to have the problem resolved. If they fail to respond to your message, get to the itinerary and call them using the provided number. Once this fails, the next step is to contact the AirBNB helpline. Understand you are protected by the guest refund policy that entitles you to a full reimbursement if you experience booking problems. To be eligible your problem can include incorrectly listed safety and sanitary issues, the number of accommodations available and people living in the space, among others. For you to get a refund, you must follow the claims procedure that involves submitting complaints within 24 hours. During this time, AirBNB UK expects the complainant to cooperate and answer questions accordingly.

Hosts are also protected by the protection and guarantee insurance. Complaints submitted by either visiting the resolution centre or calling the AirBNB phone number tend to be resolved quickly. The guarantee means the host is covered with a large amount of money in case they return to their property and find it damaged.

Contacting AirBNB UK via Email

As tough as it is to access AirBNB contact number, it is not easy to find their email address. Customers send emails by going to the AirBNB help centre. Once there, the next step is to log into your account and then select ‘contact’ on the left sidebar menu. You are then presented with a host of options, and expected to state if you are looking for help regarding hosting, travelling or reservation. On the drop down list, you are expected to be specific on the issue you are facing to enable the question to get to the right department. At this point, you should be keen on the list of related FAQ’s presented on the site as you may not need to contact BNB. Here, if your question is still not answered, you should see an option for contacting AirBNB through a form. Once you gain access to the form, write down your inquiry and send the email. There are times customers are not able to access the email form. What they do is take advantage of the chat button for a live conversation with the customer care representative. With urgent issues, there is always an emergency number that you can use to contact the team. Normally, Airbnb gives priority to active reservations. It means that you may get a timely response or wait for long before having your problem resolved, which depends on your situation. If it is taking too long to get an answer, the other platform to take advantage of is Twitter where the customer service tends to be a little faster.

The first point of assistance should be the help page since most of the generic questions are already answered. The reason Airbnb advises its clients to visit this page first is that the customer care department is limited and always actively solving disputes. According to the website, human resource is also limited, and there are more than a hundred phone calls and emails every minute. Keep it in mind that ongoing trips are treated with urgency. When calling the AirBNB phone number, it is necessary to note that you do not simply get your way through to the support team. The system first checks your number to see who you are, your language and urgency to route your call. If the system fails to recognise you, it sends your call to the general questions queue where the department transfers you to the right agent.

If you consider your problem urgent, it is advisable to make a call rather than wait to get an answer via email. However, it important to remember that the customer service receives an enormous number of calls each minute, so you need to be patient. All calls to 020 made within the UK are charged at a local rate. Those made to 0870 and 0843 considered to be non-geographic numbers are charged at 13p per minute and 7p respectively. Also, an access charge that is normally set by your phone network is charged. Note that the access charge varies from one tariff to another and calls made from mobiles tend to be costly. If you are encountering problems with your accommodation, do not hesitate to contact AirBNB.

AirBNB Opening Hours

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24 Hours
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24 Hours

AirBNB head office postal address

100 New Bridge Street,
United Kingdom,

AirBNB website

AirBNB help centre

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